Ayurveda is a holistic natural medicine with its roots in India and a history exceeding 3,000 years. Ayurvedic doctrine is based on the assumption that the human body is connected on three different levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Practitioners use Ayurveda to preserve or restore this harmony. According to Ayurvedic doctrine, an imbalance between mind and body results in illness and disease. Our experienced Ayurvedic doctors strive to recognise early signs and symptoms in order to prevent illnesses arising at all. We also offer treatments tailored to diverse existing illnesses.

Four main principles

The treatment range offered at the ERANDIA MARARI Ayurveda Beach Resort has its roots in four main principles: Shodan (detoxification), Shaman (equilibrium), Rasayana (renewal) and Satvajaya (mental health).

We offer the following Ayurveda packages at the ERANDIA MARARI Resort:

Burnout and stress treatments
Slimming program/weight reduction
Back trouble treatments
Arthritis and arthrosis treatments
Migraine treatments

The state of good health

Ayurvedic treatments include both internal and external elements (medicine and massage respectively), and are based on the conviction that cleansing, honing and balance are required to achieve Prakruthi – the state of good health.

The longer the stay, the more effective the treatments are.

Your Ayurveda package and individual treatments will be tailored individually to your needs after an initial examination by our Ayurvedic doctors. You are most welcome to contact our doctors prior to your Ayurveda treatment to clarify any details.

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