Namaste - Welcome! The ERANDIA MARARI team offers you a hearty welcome and thanks you for your interest in our Boutique Hotel for Ayurveda and Yoga holidays.

The ERANDIA MARARI Ayurveda Beach Resort is located on the seashore of one of the most beautiful, palm-fringed beaches in the colourful south-indian state of Kerala.

Dolphins swim past the beach almost daily

Our aim is to provide an authentic Ayurveda course of treatment with relaxation, wellness and freedom from everyday stress. Yoga and meditation are integral parts of this process. The entire hotel is designed with this in mind. More by luck than design, we also enjoy the sight of the dolphins which swim past the beach almost daily! We always look forward to these visits and regard them as something very positive and special.

The ERANDIA MARARI Ayurveda Beach Resort has just thirteen rooms, which are spread over the six bungalows of the Ayurveda Ashram, a shoreside retreat for Yoga and meditation. The hotel includes the Ayurveda Restaurant, the exclusive Infinity-Pool and a row of comfortable hammocks for relaxation. Our guests find peace and the tranquility they need for contemplation, the time they need for walks on the beach, and time to adapt to the rythm of the waves and the starlit skies.

Individual course of treatment

We guarantee our Ayurveda and yoga guests an individual course of treatment by Ayurveda Practitioners and the trained therapists as well as the entire, devoted ERANDIA staff. Our personally-selected team is committed to treat each guest individually and to the best of their ability, so that the guest is assured the maximum benefit from his stay.

  • "There is more to life than increasing its speed."

    Mahatma Gandhi