The charity initiative by Erandia Resorts Pvt Ltd

Health is wealth

Ayurveda Medical Camp – Monthly free medical examination and distribution of ayurveda medicines for the local community.

Bring up

 Financial support for employee’s childrens’education.


Motivate the employees to respect the senior citizens (their parents) Financial support for employees parental care.

Think for tomorrow

Encourage local community to reduce the usage plastics and educate them to keep the nature clean. Awareness programs and collecting the plastics which are scattered around will be collected against cash and initiate to recycle.

Women Empowerment

 Support for the education and empowerment safety, hygiene training programs. Skill development and confidence upgrading for their job. Educate for healthy life style.

Physically Disabled children’s School

Financial support for the differently abled students school.

Girl is Pearl

Support to care, education, empowerment and rehabilitation of needy girl children and women. Financial support who provides shelter for poor women and orphan girls.

  • "Where there is love, there is life."

    Mahatma Gandhi