Marari Beach is among the most beautiful and pristine coastal areas in India. Palmtrees bend over a long stretch of fine, light sand. Being here, you soon understand why Kerala means “land of the coconuts”. Namaste at Marari Beach! Occasionally, colourful local houses peek through the band of palm trees. The beach, that appears never-ending, invites you to wander amidst nothing but nature, meeting fishermen with their long, traditional wooden rowing boats.

Women in colourful saris balance huge baskets

One village merges with the next, streets are framed with banana-sellers and spice stalls as well as coconut mats with drying fish. Children are cheerfully playing, while women in colourful saris gracefully balance huge baskets on their heads. Cows, chicken, cats, dogs and sometimes even an elephant are part of the everyday road traffic.

  • "When the sage climbs the heights of Yoga, he follows the path of work; but when he reaches the heights of Yoga, he is in the land of peace."

    Bhagavad Gita