In our Ayurveda Ashram you will find the doctors' and treatment rooms as well as the rest area. It is designed in a traditional way and built from natural materials.

The Ayurveda Ashram is managed by two Ayurveda doctors: Dr. Shreedevi and Dr. Molly. Both belong to families that look back on a long Ayurveda tradition. The experience and dedication of our doctors is the keystone of an intense and personal therapy of our guests. The therapy programme is designed according to a detailed anamnesis and may be redefined through daily medical care. It is our ambition in the ERANDIA MARARI Ayurveda Beach Resort that all components – treatments, medicines and food – are catered to individual needs. This includes all meals and medicines, which are specially-prepared for each guest.

The doctor designs an individual therapy program

Each Ayurveda stay begins with an in-depth conversation between doctor and guest. In a relaxed atmosphere and based on the holistic approach of Ayurveda, personal circumstances, lifestyle, habits and health concerns are evaluated. According to those very personal findings the doctor designs an individual therapy program, in order to remove toxins from the body, boost the immune system and cure various health issues. This programme includes daily Ayurvedic treatments as well as a special and personal diet. Furthermore, each guest benefits from specially-prepared massage oils and herbal medicines.

Our guests relax after the daily treatment

Experienced therapists are trained by our ERANDIA doctors. They spoil our guests with thorough massage and other Ayurvedic treatments, always in close cooperation with the doctors.

After the daily treatments, our guests relax in the regeneration zone of our Ayurveda Ashram. Healing herbal wraps may also be applied, depending on the guest’s individual needs.




  • "The only thyrant I'm accepting in life is the still inner voice."

    Mahatma Gandhi