ERANDIA MARARI offers thirteen guest rooms. These are located in five bungalows, each with two rooms and one bungalow with three rooms. They are all situated directly on the beach and have an extensive roofed terrace with a living space, which can be enclosed completely, if preferred. These generously-proportioned rooms combine in an ideal way western minimalism with traditional Indian architecture. The central twenty-four square meter room features a sliding glass door, which can be opened to the sea view, so that the seating area of the terrace adjoins and becomes part of the extended living area.

Design your living space

This flexibility derives from the unique design and construction of the ERANDIA doors, which are one of the exclusive features of ERANDIA MARARI Ayurveda Beach Resort. These mobile louvered teak doors enable the Ayurveda client to design his living space to suit his needs and depending on his mood. The sleeping and living area can be enclosed or opened up to a generously-sized terrace with sea view. Either completely private or wide open to the outside world. ERANDIA MARARI accommodation offers space for contemplation. For this reason, the rooms have neither TV, radio nor W-LAN.

Take a shower under the stars

The front area of the bathroom is roofed-over and opens on to the shower area. Guests can shower under the stars, surrounded by plants and experience the feeling of being at one with nature. This is all part of the wellness and healing concept of the ERANDIA MARARI Ayurveda Beach Resort.

A further unique feature is the climate control in the rooms. The intelligent air circulation system avoids the need for an air conditioner, thus respecting the principles of Ayurveda, which question the use of air conditioning as being harmful.

  • "Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it."